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Rosalie Maggio


  • Matt Koskenmaki

    Matt Koskenmaki

    Matt Koskenmaki, talented, versatile, and productive filmscorer and composer; is also a super husband, father, golfer, chef, Spartan racer, pool player, … and son.

    Koskenmaki Music
  • Joyce Koskenmaki

    Joyce Koskenmaki

    Joyce Koskenmaki is my sister-in-law and I am crazy about her art. See more here:

  • Katie Koskenmaki

    Katie Koskenmaki

    In the award-winning trailer above, you’ll see a little of Katie Koskenmaki’s film work. See more about her on LinkedIn. Or read about my personal favorite, her prize-winning short, The Windigo.

  • Jason Middleton

    Jason Middleton

    Longtime journalist (Houston Chronicle, e.g.), son-in-law Jason Middleton gathers and reports business and tech news for KGO 810 radio, as well as serves as anchor and co-host. See more at LinkedIn.

  • Andy Borowitz

    Andy Borowitz

    Andy Borowitz: The best and cleverest political writing anywhere! See the Borowitz Report or like his page on Facebook.

  • Dr. Liz Koskenmaki

    Dr. Liz Koskenmaki

    Dr. Liz Koskenmaki is the best veterinarian you could wish for. I know that because she’s my daughter and because of the many clients and patients who drive great distances to see her. More at or check out Media City Animal Hospital, in Burbank, CA.

  • Anthony Ausgang

    Anthony Ausgang

    Above, "Help Is On the Way" by Anthony Ausgang, who is a principal painter associated with the Lowbrow art movement — also a good friend and member of the family. Take a look at his outrageously inventive and memorable works of art by clicking on his name.

Good Stuff!

New Moon, the girls’ magazine and online communities of girls, parents and allies raising strong girls in a still-unequal world. The magazine is populated and run almost entirely by girls. Nancy Gruver, who has made an enormous difference in the life of girls, is one of my heroes.

Joe Kelly, otherwise known as the Dad Man, founded Dads and Daughters, has written a number of useful and insightful books, and knows pretty much all there is to know about raising confident, strong, happy girls.

Robin Morgan, major feminist leader, author of numerous landmark books, and activist, has an outstanding live radio show once a week. Highly recommended.

Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture is my favorite magazine, with some of the most acute and pertinent reading that comes across my desk.

Ms. magazine remains necessary & beautifully researched reading, especially with their emphasis on news of women around the world.

Free Spirit Publishing produces high-quality, important books for and about children and young people — every book is a gem.

Jazzou Jones, also known as our good friend Tom Jones, is a simply fabulous ragtime piano player. He is most often found on the Delta Queen riverboat — he’s plied the Mississippi with his tunes (including ones he’s written himself) for many years. All his music is on my iPod.

Street Spirit is written by and about individuals who are homeless, published by the American Friends Service Committee (Terry Messman, ed.). I think it ought to be read by everyone.

Il Mostro (The Monster), an Italian-language film with Roberto Benigni directing and acting, is one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. For a youtube outtake, click here or especially here.

Leavenworth Jackson has been designing original, memorable, and useful rubber stamps for 30 years. Enjoy clicking through her catalog.

Minnesota Women’s Press is one of the best (and first) women’s newspapers in the country — you’ll like it even if you’re not from Minnesota.

Enola Game by Christel Diehl is a gripping dark novel accessible to you only if you read French. But hello, Hollywood, it would make a fantastic film!

BookWomen is a bi-monthly magazine that celebrates the joys of living with books. It overflows with articles, information, reviews, and reders’ opinions. I can’t imagine any bibliophile woman without it.

The Authors Guild is a fabulously active and effective supporter of writers; membership is, IMHO, a necessity.

Final Draft. I know that everyone loves whatever software they happen to be using, but I have to say I think Final Draft is truly trops — effective and user-friendly.

Sarah and Paul Edwards were pioneers in the working-from-home movement, write a regular column for Costco, are into living local, entrepreneurship, home businesses, and have written The Middle Class Lifeboat, among many other books.

SCBWI (The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) membership is almost a must for any writer or illustrator for children. You can be an associate member if you haven’t had anything published yet.

VFA (Veteran Feminists of America), a genial group of dynamic women that among other activities, offers information about the Second Wave women’s movement.

Writers to Check Out

M.C. Beaton, author of the delightful, addictive Hamish Macbeth mystery series set in Scotland. She can’t write them quickly enough for me.

Faith Sullivan: author of The Cape Ann, Empress of One, and other classic, heart-centered, and memorable books is a generous and talented woman whose well never seems to run dry.

Michelle Edwards is a dear friend as well as one of the truly authentic writer-illustrators for children working today. She’s also a champion knitter (see that section of her website).

The Bottom of the Sky by good friend Bill Pack is an original, gripping, award-winning novel.

Ralph Keyes: author of a number of books including the excellent The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear, I Love It When You Talk Retro, and The Post-Truth Era. I’m a big fan.

Lisa Westberg Peters, a talented picture book writer (look for her stunning and surprisingly accessible collection of geology poems for children) has also written a nonfiction title for adults, Fractured Land: The Price of Inheriting Oil.

Nigel Rees, longtime BBC quotemeister and author of numerous books, including a delightful memoir, My Radio Times, is one of the wittiest, most cultivated people I know — and he produces a unique newsletter "Quote … Unquote" (click on his name to see it).

Theresa Maggio writes lyrically and evocatively about Sicily in her novels Mattanza and The Stone Boudoir — I like to think we’re related, and she lets me.

Erica Jong, a brilliant, creative, and courageous writer is always tackling something new — check out her striking website for writers’ tips and to try to keep up with her.

Elaine Partnow, author of the first serious collection of women’s quotations, The Quotable Woman, is presently giving one-woman living history portrayals of notable women.

Stephen Wilbers is the expert on business writing. Steve has written a syndicated column for many years, and has published a number of outstanding books.